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Software Migration & Re-engineering services in India, USA & UK

Enterprises with the passing time, are increasingly facing the challenge of aging and old software applications, better known in computing parlance as legacy applications which are essential for the organizations but at the same time prove to be a nightmare for programmers and maintenance engineers. There is a need to transform such legacy applications, suitable to the latest technology environment by various methods.

Software Migration & Re-engineering services in India, USA & UK Geton Webs has been working on legacy applications since the time of Y2K problems. Our extensive experience and R&D strengths provide tool-based processes to achieve relatively painless reengineering of applications and help organizations reach their objectives efficiently and effectively. We bring together our proven processes, technology expertise and tools to reengineer your software applications to modern technologies

Client Benefits

  • Proven processes, technology expertise and tools to re-engineer your applications to modern technologies such as .NET, J2EE, UNIX and Linux.
  • Rapid action and effective re-engineering on your legacy applications to contemporary platforms with optimized architectures, simultaneously retaining or enhancing the value in the applications.
  • Proven expertise in modifying or extracting business logic from legacy systems. We follow a structural approach where we analyze your legacy applications, dig out the business rules, employ the latest tools and development techniques and transform your legacy systems into contemporary applications.
  • Greater flexibility to respond quickly to market changes with scalable platforms, reduction in cost spent on out of control legacy systems and reduced total cost of ownership.
Software Migration & Re-engineering services in India, USA & UK

Our Offering

We assess existing legacy systems to formulate a re-engineering roadmap which aligns the selection of the proposed IT solution to the organization's business vision and needs and also maximizes ROI realization. Assessment includes recommending or deciding on the appropriate business and technical target architecture, evaluating build or buy opportunities, and choosing between one time and incremental system reengineering.

We leverage upon tool-based automated conversions for reengineering legacy languages into modern technologies to accommodate changing business needs.

We can re-engineer user interfaces for enhancing usability, from look & feel enhancements to rewriting & re-designing interfaces among different technologies.

We use proprietary tools and processes for reengineering databases which produces an improved version of a legacy database according to definite criteria (correctness, freeing from obsolete constructs, normalization, optimization, distribution, using modern technologies, etc.). We use utilities, which apply the prescribed design changes to snapshots of production databases so that the new data-model/database is quickly and easily constructed for on-site testing and implementation.

Technology upgrade presents an ideal opportunity for analyzing and improving processes in an organization. Our technology upgradation methodology examines key business process areas to identify high ROI changes. The approach also ensures minimum customization by exploiting existing processes that have been implemented in applications.

Our Process:

New Opportunities or Business Innovation

Application Reengineering

  • Assess

    Understand Existing Processes

    Understand Existing Architecture

    Understand Existing Database

  • Identify

    Identify Processes Redesign

    Technology Selection

    Rapid Prototyping


  • Development & Quality Assurance

    Design & Moduularize


    UI & UX

    System Testing Development

  • Support and Maintain

    Release Management

    Production Support


    Version Upgrades

    Evolve- Ideas, Feedback For Innovation


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