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Artificial intelligence and data analytics Services in Noida & India

Geton Webs assists customers in defining their artificial intelligence (AI), analytics and big data strategy and selecting the appropriate technology tools and processes to achieve their strategic business objectives. We offer vendor agnostic recommendations, implementations and solutions that are tailor-made to customer’s existing technology landscape and goals.

Artificial intelligence and data analytics Services in Noida & India We enable customer organizations to establish a well-defined modern architecture, which helps yielding superior efficiency in their operational processes. Our expertise in Hadoop-based platforms, cloud storage systems, mobility and other emerging technologies help organizations Harness the power of data & analytics to improve business outcomes.

AI, Advanced Analytics & Big Data Strategy Definition

Proof of Concept

Data Assessment

Business Use Case Identification & Definition

Technology Identification

Architecture Recommendation

The goal for organizations deploying Big Data infrastructure is to scrutinize through large volumes of data and deploy analytics to make better business decisions and identify actionable steps.

We have experience and expertise working with various data visualization and analytics technology products/ tools such as Tableau, PowerBI, QlikView, R, Python and more.

Our capabilities in AI, Advanced Analytics space include:

  • Data and Statistical Analysis
  • Machine Learning, Data Mining
  • Data Visualization
  • Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics
  • AI powered Business Solutions

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is fast becoming a critical & disruptive component of every organization’s technology roadmap. Broader goals behind such a roadmap could include making products better, making processes more efficient, making services more beneficial & profitable. Organizations need capabilities to design and deploy new tools and specific technologies that are at the heart of data analytics in general and AI in specific.

Here is a short list of such areas:

  • Image Recognition and Processing
  • Machine Learning
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Speech Recognition
  • Big Data

When contemplating a new venture into AI and/ or machine learning, organizations need to take on a few important considerations that relate to talent, existing data, and limitations.

At Geton Webs, we have been helping our customers in identifying appropriate use cases for application of AI, successfully run pilot project and get into larger implementation of AI use case in production. Few of the organizations we are interacting with are undertaking due diligence exercise to assess new business demands, study current state & available data, prioritize technology application areas, determine changes needed, seek recommendations to choose best-fit technology option and plan phased implementation.

Geton Webs has developed a few ready-to-deploy AI models and solutions. These AI powered solutions make use of OCR, NLP techniques, TensorFlow framework along with Keras libraries to improve business wide process automation and make products, services better.

Big Data Infrastructure Set-Up & Support

One of the key components of a Big Data implementation is the technology infrastructure that gets deployed.

At Geton Webs, we advise customers on the most suitable IT infrastructure while ensuring smooth deployment of Big Data technologies.

Our services in Big Data Infrastructure space include:

  • Installation and Integration of Hadoop Clusters

  • Configuring Hadoop Clusters for optimum performance

  • Monitoring of Hadoop


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